As a Company, we bring strong financial and operational skill sets, a measured disciplined approach which is combined with creative investing in businesses and products that will allow us a long and successful track record of creating shareholder value.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our company's senior management team has deep experience in investing in information technology businesses, including real time mobile claim management system, financial information technology, software development, enterprise and application software; and other traditional businesses where we unlock target company valuation through technology and creative destruction.

Our target portfolio companies are designed to be market leaders by providing critical products and services in respective sectors that enable them to re-imagine their current revenue model, improve customer service, and streamline decision making process.

Focus Areas

Mobile App Sector

Mobile tech is our strength and main focus as it has become the leading digital platform, with total activity on smartphones and tablets accounting for 60 percent of digital media time spent in the U.S. The fuel driving mobile’s relentless growth is primarily app usage, which alone makes up a majority of total digital media engagement at 52 percent.

46 percent of app users report having paid for their apps, consequently, by 2017, its expected that over 268 billion downloads will generate $77 billion worth of revenue.

With more than 10 vehicle accidents every minute and over 90% of the accident victims using a smartphone, our recent acquisition in this space through the AutoClaim App gives us tremendous growth opportunity in this untapped vertical as we expect to enjoy the first-mover advantage in the Mobile Claims Management business.

FinTech Industry

IN TECH or Financial Informtion Technology is an extremely important area where we are seeing an era of rapid technological change, we have the capacity, knowledge and expertise to offer a range of services to help financial services firms improve business performance, reduce operational risk and develop compelling value propositions for their customers. Our main target clients include leading banks, insurers, asset managers and payments players in all major markets.

We are focusing with financial institutions on IT effectiveness and strategy; mobile documentation and management systems, front-end - platforms for direct market access, improving back-office performance; smart-sourcing; risk management; and sales and marketing effectiveness. Our unique value proposition is concentrated on providing solutions that create business value, both at strategic and operational level.

Hyper-Efficient Logistics

HYPER-EFFICIENT LOGISTICS industry is growing rapidly with increase in on-demand economy and changing consumer habits. With the dawn of mobile apps and other Internet-enabled platforms, ABT's subsidiary, Scoobeez, has entered in the initial frontiers of On-Demand Hyper-Efficient Logistics. As we have witnessed recently, several major online retailers have successfully completed same day delivery pilot programs in major cities. We are strongly positioned to benefit from this trend by becoming a premier delivery service provider for several major retailers.

ABT specializes in the "On-Demand Logistics System and operations” space, where all types of retailers are seeking immediate customized door-to-door capabilities in hopes of winning loyalty from online shoppers. We merge retailers’ online and store operations with our creative delivery system to complete the full cycle of e-commerce.

Traditional Sectors

TRADITIONAL SECTORS such as logistics, mining and others can have a paradigm shift where software, information technology and other innovation can differentiate or disrupt their current business model. We have the capacity and expertise to be the Chief of Software Development for such traditional sectors seeking to improve their operational efficiencies and increasing their market share.

We understand that in these traditional sectors, which are primarily driven by hardware, it is difficult to attract the talent needed for cutting-edge software R&D teams. This is where we fill the gap for our clients. Industries from manufacturing to consumer goods have used software and information technology into their traditional product offerings and have created a way in redefining the category and raising the bar for competitors.