Proprietary Mobile Claims Documentation and Management System

We have acquired “AutoClaim” Mobile App an advanced proprietary Mobile Claims Documentation and Management System that will revolutionize multi-billion dollar auto insurance claim industry at an operational and strategic level including but not limited to improving customer service, streamlining data management for effective decision making on claims, improving capital efficiency by correctly managing claims portfolio and many other benefits.

  • Free for Individual Use
  • Protect your loved ones
  • Protect business and employees
  • Full Accident Documentation
  • Take Real Time Photo
  • Draw Injury Diagram
  • Get Exact Accident Location
  • Receive discount & coupons

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Shahan Ohanessian, President elaborating on AutoClaim App opportunity, “With more than 10 vehicle accidents every minute and over 90% of the accident victims have a smartphone with them, the AutoClaim App growth opportunity is tremendous."